Wow! This Guy Harassed Dana Then Endorsed Her For Editing On LinkedIn

In what was described as “confusing,” 34-year-old Dan Gent recently endorsed Dana, a woman he sexually harassed at work two years ago, for editing on LinkedIn.


Two full years after the incident, Dana Gershon received an email letting her know that Gent had endorsed her on the networking platform.


“It was really weird. Like, I haven’t seen you in two years, why are you stalking my LinkedIn page?” the woman says. “God, I hate that guy.”



Gent, who according to witnesses would aimlessly hover around the woman’s cubicle, was one of the reasons she eventually left the job.


“Dan would always ask if she was around to go out after work,” former co-worker Jillian Toff shares. “Whenever she declined, he wouldn’t accept it. He’d be like, ‘What? A guy can’t just take a coworker out for a drink as friends?’”


The harassment reportedly went on for years.


“He would badger me to go out with him, then leave me out of the loop on projects for retaliation when I said no,” the Dana recalls. “What does he think I’m going to do with this stupid LinkedIn endorsement? Fuck him?”


Gent sees nothing wrong with the endorsement.


“Who knows what jobs she’ll get because I verified that she can edit well?” he says. “It’s like, you’re welcome.”


“All I did was something very nice,” Gent says. “So what if her actual job is a CPA? She’s a good editor, and I want her to know that.”


Gent added: “Did she say anything else about me?”


At the end of the day, the woman refuses to let the endorsement ruin her day.


“Even though I never wanted to be in the same room as him, and was always afraid he was going to follow me to my car, it’s really, really great to know what he thinks about my editing skills.”