Workplace Sexism That’ll Have Your Boss Saying, ‘That Doesn’t Sound Like Him’

You’ve been sexually harassed or discriminated against in the workplace. So what does your boss have to say about it? Honestly, nothing, cause he seemed like a pretty nice guy or whatever! Here are some instances of sexism in professional settings will have your boss saying dismissively, “I don’t know. Doesn’t seem like something Pete would do.”


Personal threats

While working on a deadline, your male co-worker subtly threatens that if you don’t get it done, he’ll retaliate against you. The best part is he’s high-fiving the rest of his male colleagues around the office after talking to you while red-faced and angry. Time to take it up to your boss. What do they have to say? “Are you sure? He has a dark sense of humor. He was probably just joking around.” Cool! If one of your favorite perks of office culture is being invisible to men, this is your dream job!



You’ve been up for the same position as your male colleague for months now, which is probably why he’s been trying to take projects away from you and sidle up to your boss more and more, even inviting your boss to his wedding. Angry? You should be! Go tell your boss that this creates an unfair advantage. They’ll surely respond with a resounding, “This sounds like you’re making excuses. Stephen isn’t that type of guy. He invited me to his wedding.” Great. Now time to go back to your desk and text non-men-in-power friends to see if they understand where you’re coming from.


Sexual harassment

Dazzle your boss with comments like, “James came onto me at the holiday party. I am here to report it to you so the necessary action can be taken.” Your boss will respond with a resounding, “Huh. I don’t know. Doesn’t sound like something James would do,” while mindlessly shaking the hourglass paperweight in a move that suggests, “Why yes, I am completely wasting your time.” Next holiday party you’ll have to do what you should’ve done in the first place: Face a wall and never let any men talk to you. Cool!


No matter what the situation, never deal with workplace sexism without reporting it — but when you do report it, just, like, don’t take it too seriously when your boss doesn’t believe you. Why take it seriously when they care about a broken office vending machine more than your emotional wellbeing? Plus, have you ever even thought about the fact that Jeff just totally isn’t the type to grope anyone, let alone you? I don’t know, maybe see how you feel in a few days and ask yourself if it’s really that big a deal.