Woody Allen Signs On To Produce Brave New Amazon Series, ‘Pedofamilia’

On the heels of winning two Golden Globes for its groundbreaking new series, Transparent, Amazon has just signed Woody Allen to create his own autobiographical comedy/drama, Pedofamilia, about the life of a sixty-something man who comes out to his family as a pedophile.


Pedofamilia follows the struggles of Max, played by Allen himself, as he attempts to acclimate to his life as an out pedophile, while dealing with self-absorbed family members that reject him for wanting to have sex with children.


While some have expressed concern over Allen playing the role of a pedophile while denying similar allegations, Amazon responded, “We have no doubt that Allen will play this role with the integrity and believability of an actual pedophile.”


Critics are already heralding the project, “exceptionally brave,” as Allen hopes the show will support respect and tolerance for the pedophile community.


“Maybe pedophiles can finally get the acceptance they deserve,” says Allen. “But if not, at least there’s therapy!”



Despite the concerns of many in Hollywood, several A-list actors, including Owen Wilson, Emma Stone, Alec Baldwin, and Anthony Hopkins have signed on to appear in the series. A nationwide casting search is already underway for talented youngsters to play Allen’s various love interests.


“We’re so proud of what we accomplished in producing Transparent,” says Amazon CEO, Jeff Bezos. “And I’m so excited that we’re willing to take this kind of risk working with someone like Woody Allen.”