Women Solidify Friendship by Tasting Beverage from Same Straw

It was a moment months in the making: Nina Fuente and Pamela Nunez of Santa Clara, California, solidified their bond as friends by tasting a drink with the same straw.


“It was a small gesture, but also kind of huge for us,” says Fuente, who had offered Nunez a sip of her Cherry Lime La Croix as the two sat down at a lunch spot near their office. “I wasn’t really sure if she was ready to take things there.”


Fuente had to stifle a smile when Nunez accepted her offer.


“I mean, I could’ve definitely gone up to the counter and asked for my own La Croix,” says Nunez. “But I realized that, like, we’re friends. I can try hers first before I pull the trigger.”


And she did, solidifying a friendship that could last a lifetime. Nunez was happy with the Cherry Lime La Croix, but she was even happier with this leap forward in her and Fuente’s relationship.


“You could kinda tell we were getting closer, I mean even my coworker Ben was like, ‘Let me guess, you’re getting lunch with Nina again?’”

Ben Palmer, who works in the same department as Nunez, was psyched to hear the news.



“I don’t even do that shit with my own brother,” says Ben. “That’s cool though. I’m really happy for them.”


Fuentes, who has only worked with Nunes for a couple of months, is invigorated by the friendship.


“I mean, you think you’re too old to make friends, and then there you are, offering someone a straw. I never thought I’d end up here, but I’m so happy I did.”