‘I AM SCREAMING’ Comments Woman Who Never Speaks Above a Whisper

After commenting, “I AM SCREAMING” on a friend’s Facebook post Tuesday evening, friends of Phoenix resident Hannah Dunn were surprised, as she barely speaks above a whisper in her daily real-life interactions.


“When she talks I have to listen intently to understand what she’s saying,” said longtime friend Sreya Reddy. “I can’t really imagine her saying anything at a volume I can actually hear, so this is pretty hard to believe.”


“If she finds something funny, she does this kind of silent, eyes-closed laughing thing,” added Reddy. “Definitely no screams or noise of any kind.”


Lauren Bramley posted the content in question, which she believes wasn’t actually that funny.


“I thought the post was funny, but Hannah’s comment was a little over the top,” said Bramley. “Maybe social media is the only place she feels safe to express herself?”


Despite her soft demeanor, friends say Dunn is often known to leaves all-caps, enthusiastic comments on other content she considers relatable.


“If I share a funny article, I expect a notification from Hannah,” said Dunn’s roommate, Maria Putney. “It’s usually some variation on, ‘I AM SCREAMING,’ ‘ATTACKED,’ or ‘@ ME NEXT TIME.’ Always capital letters and always far more exuberant than the inaudible greetings she gives me when I come home from work.”


Putney went on to say that she has never heard Dunn scream in three years of living with her.


“If she sees a spider or is startled by a scary movie or something, she does like a small, inward gasp. I don’t think she’s ever screamed in her life.”



When asked about her commenting habits, Dunn said she simply enjoys seeing funny posts from her friends on social media.


“The internet is fun, I guess,” mumbled Dunn quietly. “My friends are pretty funny.”


Dunn didn’t have anything else to say on the matter.


When a draft of this article was emailed to Dunn, however, she quickly replied with an email saying, “COME FOR MY THROAT.”