Woman’s Meal-Prepping Ambitions Stopped at First Dirty Tupperware

In Moraga, CA, Hannah Lowell’s aspiration to meal-prep for the week was cut short when she saw she had to clean literally any of her Tupperware first.


“I was so ready to have a productive Sunday – I had my meals planned out, I went grocery shopping, I had the foods all ready,” said the college student. “The one thing I didn’t prepare for was having to clean my Tupperware, which was just too much for me to handle.”


Witnesses report that Hannah was seen staring listlessly at the dirty Tupperware in the sink before pulling up her DoorDash app.


“I’m already cooking for five days and putting it away in multiple containers. And on top of that I have to clean the containers before using them? No, no, no. The human body isn’t made to do that much work,” Hannah said. “At that point, I just cut my losses and ordered out.”


Experts hypothesize that it took longer for Hannah to decide on what to order than it would have taken to simply clean the dirty containers.



Hannah’s close friends say this isn’t the first time her meal-prepping ambitions were deterred by a simple obstacle.


“Once she was going to make a stir-fry for the week, but when she forgot to buy bell peppers, she just gave up,” roommate Jenna Hawkins told reporters. “She insisted that it was a crucial part of the stir fry and couldn’t be skipped. I think the other vegetables ended up going bad because she never got around to getting bell peppers.”


Despite the numerous failed attempts at starting meal-prepping, Hannah remains optimistic that she will eventually get around to preparing her food for the week.


“One day, everything will line up perfectly and all the conditions will be right to finally meal prep,” said Hannah. “I swear I’ll totally do it.”


When reporters pointed out that currently, her Tupperware was clean and she had all the food ready to be prepped, Hannah insisted that the timing was still wrong.


“I so would cook right now, but the Bachelor in Paradise finale just dropped and I have to catch-up on that first or else I’ll have nothing to talk about at work tomorrow. Darn priorities!”