Awesome! Friends Laughing at How Ugly You Look in That Picture Again

In an objectively great and not at all confidence-eroding story, your friends found that one cursed photo of you and are all laughing at how ugly you look in it again.


According to reports, you naively believed the last time this picture made its rounds was the final time. However, your expectations were shattered when your friend Amy scrolled back through their camera roll until they found it again and then proceeded to show everyone else, who all laughed until they cried.


“I get why it’s funny,” you told reporters. “Or, at least, I thought I did. But now I can’t shake the feeling that maybe they just hate me?”


“Of course, I laughed along, too,” you added. “But with each consecutive time this happens, it gets harder and harder to enjoy. Like, yeah, I look like shit, and it was good for a laugh or two. But for it to remain in their reserve years later? I don’t know anything else that has that kind of staying power.”


When asked if you wished your friends would stop passing this picture around every few months, you immediately backtracked, saying that your friends’ happiness is more important to you than some silly photo.



“I mean, I love that I’m able to be such a constant source of joy for my friends,” you said. “I just thought this would die out after we discovered the photo of Jamie posing with a dolphin on a family vacation to Fort Myers in 7th grade. But no, this picture of me somehow managed to outlast that.”


While your friends assured reporters that it was all in good fun, they all seemed to be glad that they weren’t the ones on the chopping block.


“There are so many bad photos of me,” said your friend Drew. “I know one of them will get dragged up eventually, so I’m just enjoying being on this side of things while I still can.”


At press time, you were seen trying to subtly show everyone a photo that you look undeniably hot in. The attempt backfired when one of your friends took your phone and scrolled past the photo, only to come across the 60 other attempts you took before landing on this one. The press conference was postponed until further notice due to the volume and duration of their laughter.