Random Act of Kindness? This Man Ended His Podcast

After terrorizing his acquaintances and loved ones on every social media platform with promotional content for his improvisational Star Wars podcast for over three years, Brendan Phillips has shocked everyone with his random act of kindness of shutting the podcast down for good.


Okay, benevolent king!


In a statement Brendan posted on Instagram that received more likes than any of his other posts, he wrote, “Thank you all for listening but I’ve decided to say goodbye to Skytalker. It was a tough decision to make but I’m happy that it led to so many great connections and conversations. Goodbye for now!”


Who knew people could still be so altruistic?



However, some people were naturally skeptical of the random act of kindness, afraid that there might be a catch to the farewell statement. 


“He said ‘goodbye for now’. Does that mean he’s gonna come back at some point?” college friend Julia Williamson told reporters. “It’s hard to believe that someone could be that nice without expecting something in return.”


Brendan’s friends, family members, and girlfriend all rejoiced when they heard the news, especially since they couldn’t remember the last time someone did something so nice for them out of the sheer goodness of their hearts. 


“I’m sure that the news is hitting people pretty hard,” Brendan said. “I know that this podcast gave a lot of people joy when they were on their daily commutes or washing dishes, and they’re probably sad to see it go. I’m sorry that I couldn’t keep it going for them.”


However, most people who knew of the podcast couldn’t have been happier when they found out it was over, especially since the podcast was him acting out different scenes from Star Wars and inviting other people on the pod to do the same with him, which no one was really interested in listening to.


“What Brendan did was so inspiring,” coworker Alitash Hassen said. “So much so, that a couple hours after I saw the post, I paid for a stranger’s coffee. After all, you gotta pay it forward!”


We love to see kindness beget kindness!


At press time, Brendan has announced that he will also no longer be posting about the benefits of cryptocurrency, which many are calling “extremely thoughtful” and “a reminder of all our humanity”.