Why I Started Meal and Disaster Prepping

Getting through the week with a large family and all the household responsibilities is hard — especially if you’re about to find yourself in a nuclear war. I like to keep everything under control by planning my meals in advance and also prepping for all possible disaster scenarios with a detailed 60-point plan to stay alive.


When I go to the grocery store, I already have every meal for the week planned out. That way I get exactly the ingredients I need, and I have room in my cart to stock up on things like flashlights and batteries, in case we end up in a war with China or North Korea or honestly Germany at this rate, and our infrastructure and supply of goods starts to quickly fall apart. I typically use a one-for-one method when it comes to dry goods. One for my home pantry, and one for the stockpile I have in the shelter I’m building by hand, in secret below my house.


I also love to batch prep my meals to stay healthy and eat clean, even when work gets busy. That’s why I buy a lot of food in bulk so I can portion it for meals throughout the week, and freeze other portions for later in the month, or for if my whole family is forced to flee on foot in the event of an earthquake or other natural disaster that our national guard will not handle properly due to budget cuts and diversion of resources to only the most powerful who are pulling the strings in this nefarious autocracy. What can I say; I’m a planner!


Plastic Tupperware or Ziploc bags are great for storing small portions of rice or quinoa that you can throw into a stir-fry or soup later in the week. They’re also lightweight, so you can throw the bags into a rucksack if you are jumping into a benevolent political rebel’s helicopter or speedboat as a means of escape (My husband and I are still saving up for our own, but meal prep should help us pinch pennies there!).



I also make my own homemade trail mixes for the kids lunches or in the event we are invaded by an alliance of foreign armies, who have teamed up to take down our dangerous fascist president, and we are made to survive off the grid, in the forest, until a time when we can safely prove we are not a threat.


Meal prepping and disaster prepping are a great way to provide for and protect your family. So stock up on staples – like grains, lentils, beans, and several handguns – and you’ll sleep easier through the week. Honestly, give it a try. Your family will love it!