Woman Who Starts Work at 4pm Upset She’s Still Working at 7pm

27-year-old marketing manager Tori Allen-Weiss was disappointed to tell friends she had to miss their Zoom hang after work, since she was still stuck working – although, if we’re really keeping track here, Tori definitely did not begin any actual work until three hours earlier.


“Ugh, my job fucking sucks and is making me work late again,” Tori told friends, after sleeping in until 11 a.m. and binging old episodes of Love Island until 3:30. “Sorry, this week is soooo crazy.”


Tori explained that while the pandemic has taken its toll on her productivity, this isn’t much different from her schedule in the office.


“Normally I would roll in at 10:30, grab a coffee, check Twitter, then take a long lunch break,” Tori said. “By the time I got back, it was basically time to start my day.”


Several of Tori’s friends believe that Tori has a “grueling” job that keeps her late at night several times a week.



“She really just seems like a workhorse,” says friend Lydia Vasquez. “Like, I’m so impressed with the hours she puts in. I could never work that many hours in a row! She’s amazing.”


“I’m just pissed I still have so much work to do this late in the evening,” Tori added. “Looks like I’ll have to order takeout for dinner again. God, the system is so broken.”