Woman Promoted for Consistently Keeping Bong Out of Zoom Background

While working from home has had its difficulties for many people, Joni Larsson is thriving in the unconventional setup. The 29-year-old employee of a Seattle-based design agency has just been promoted to senior project manager for consistently keeping her bong out of her Zoom background.


“Joni really impressed us this year,” says her boss Liam Wu. “There’s hardly ever been a bong, a pipe, or really any related paraphernalia in the background during agency meetings.”


“The attention to detail and organizational skills displayed by moving that bong out of frame before a vast majority of calls shows us she has the necessary qualities to be a senior project manager,” Wu adds.


Larsson has also managed to consistently maintain a Zoom background free of open wine bottles, sex toys, and strewn about dirty laundry and trash.


“The secret is to always look at your video before you join the Zoom, then move all your incriminating items just beyond the perimeter of the frame,” Larsson says. “And remember: They can’t smell your room. Is my boss going to see this?”


While Larsson is particularly adept at Zoom work, it hasn’t always been a perfectly smooth road.


“Obviously, I’m human, so the bong has been visible a couple of times,” Larsson says. “In those moments, I just turned off my camera, said I was having a wifi problem, moved the bong, then I turned my camera back on. I don’t think anyone noticed.”



Larsson’s story is proof that stoners can excel in their fields with just a little extra effort.


“I’m almost worried I’ve done too good of a job,” Larsson says. “It’s not that I don’t think I’m cut out for senior project manager, but with already moving the bong and finding good light in a clean corner, it’s like, do I really want more work to do?”


Probably not!