Woman Who Shops with Reusable Tote Gets Iced Coffee To Go Every Day

woman drinking iced coffee

34-year-old Trixi Fordham is proud of her effort to be environmentally conscious by carrying a reusable tote with her. But despite her attempts to lower her plastic usage, Trixi still gets iced coffee in a plastic to-go cup, along with a sleeve, plastic lid and straw every day.


“We’re destroying this earth with the tons of plastic we’re throwing into our oceans. You have to do your part to reduce your ecological footprint,” says Trixi, as she sips on her iced Americano in a plastic to-go cup. “Bring totes, ride your bike and have fewer kids.”


Despite owning a slew of regular and insulated totes, Trixi is reluctant to make her own coffee in the morning, since it’s “a treat” that is “really just my self-care.”


“It’s really important you help keep our planet healthy,” says Trixi, while tossing a Poland Springs bottle from a large case she keeps in her office into the trash. “I’m sorry but at this point, there’s no excuse for not carrying a reusable bag with you when you’re shopping.”


“Sure, maybe once in a while I forget to bring a tote for my groceries and have to use paper bags,” says coworker Mollie Court. “But every day Trixi’s trash can is full of at least three plastic Starbucks cups, eight mini water bottles and two styrofoam containers. There’s a recycling bin right by the copy machine.”


“Trixi shamed me for forgetting my reusable tote at home, even though she literally uses a roll of toilet paper per sitting,” says Terrence Fordham, Trixi’s husband. “I love my wife, but she definitely wastes more than anyone I’ve ever met.”


Still, Trixi disagrees.



“Totes are saving the world, just like me,” insisted Trixi, while opening her takeout dinner, which comes inside a plastic container inside a paper bag inside another plastic bag.


When asked if she’s ever considered opting for reusable silverware, she replied, “Oh, no, I don’t like the way the metal feels in my mouth. Besides, I use totes. You’re welcome.”