Husband Not Looking For Relationship Right Now

42-year-old Alan Porter has been married to his wife Kate for over ten years, but recently came to the conclusion that despite committing to her for the rest of his life at their wedding, he’s actually not looking for a relationship right now.


“I’m just not in a place where I’m ready for a serious commitment,” says Porter. “I’ve spent the last decade in a loving marriage, but just to make things clear, I’m just out here looking to have some fun.”


Porter still chooses to live at home and enjoys having sex with his wife, but does not want to assume any of the responsibilities of being in a committed partnership.


“My wife is totally cool, but I’m at a point in my life where I’m just not looking to do the whole husband thing,” says Porter. “I just have a lot of other life and career stuff going on, but I still plan on hooking up with my wife and texting her every so often though.”



Despite Porter’s enthusiasm regarding his new chosen bachelorhood, his wife Kate Porter is not on board ever since he informed her he “can’t commit to anything serious right now.”


“Last night he texted me ‘u up’ at 3 AM,” says Kate. ”Yes, I am up breastfeeding our fucking five-month-old child, Alan.”


Still, Alan insists the married life is not for him, even though he was the one who proposed 12 years ago.


“I’m just not ready. My head’s not in the right space,” says Porter. “This isn’t about Kate, this is all me. I’m just in sort of a sow your oats mode for the moment. If she’s not on board with that, I’m happy to just be friends. Kate seems cool.”