4 Cozy Coffee Shops You’ll Still Get Harassed At

There’s nothing quite as relaxing as sipping a hot latte in your neighborhood coffee shop. Whether you need a place to get some work done, a spot to gab with your friends, or you’re just looking for a pick-me-up in the middle of a busy week, cafes are the perfect place to retreat to and then get approached by strange men. Stop by one of these four adorable coffee shops if you’re looking for a warm cup of joe and some unwanted company.


The Place You and Your Friends Always Go To

Going to the hip coffee shop on the corner has become a ritual for you and your group of friends. The fact that you’re regulars, and the barista even knows your cinnamon latte order, would make this place feel like home if each of your friends hadn’t had creepy encounters with the same guy by the bathroom. At least you can all enjoy the exposed brick—perfect for pictures!


The Coffee Shop That’s Quiet Enough To Get Work Done In

The cafe a couple blocks from your apartment has great coffee, but it isn’t as crowded and noisy as some of the other places you like. You can always find a table to sit and get some work done for a few hours, and the quiet, studious ambiance is ideal for concentration, or it would be if guys your age weren’t always asking what you were working on and then refusing to pick up on your “I’m concentrating” body language. Be sure to try the muffins—yum!


The One in Your Hometown Where You Know The Owners

You’ve been going to the little, homey shop in the town where your parents live for what feels like your entire life. Every time you come back, you’re sure to run into someone you know, in addition to that creepy old man who’ll tell you you’re gorgeous and ask if you know his granddaughter. Luckily, the scones that Nancy makes are still to die for after all these years.



The Cafe Next To Your Office

In the middle of a long, hectic day, sometimes all you need is to retreat to the cozy little place near your office. You can sit, check your phone, and take a little break, which would definitely be more relaxing if some dude didn’t regularly sit at the table directly across from you and stare you down, occasionally licking his lips for some disgusting reason. Very chill!


These coffee shops are the perfect place to unwind with a hot beverage and a pastry, and then get bothered by a man. If you’re trying to find a place where you can relax without being harassed, we recommend your own home. And don’t even think about hanging out at a bookstore.