Woman Sips on Same Iced Coffee for Record 19 Hours

woman drinking iced coffee

History was made this week when Josie Grey, a 26-year-old marketing assistant, drank from the same iced coffee for a record 19 hours. According to co-workers, Grey walked in the office around 8:35 AM last Wednesday morning carrying a Venti Starbucks iced coffee with a splash of almond milk and two Sugar in the Raw packets. She proceeded to take tiny sips throughout the entire workday and into the evening, even resuming consumption the next morning.


“Is there anything better than delicious iced coffee?” Grey asked. “No seriously, is there?”


Grey usually drinks the same iced coffee from roughly 8:30 AM until 1:30 PM when the beverage looks to coworkers to be a “watery mess,” but this time she took the sipping charade further than ever before.


“I was leaving around six and that fucker was still more than half full,” says her coworker, Janeane Garzo. “I thought, ‘When is this all gonna end?’”


Grey is known to keep various postcards in her cubicle with funny quotations. Her most noticeable one reads: “I need something more than coffee but less than cocaine.” Grey says she is “seriously addicted” to coffee, despite consuming the beverage in very slow, unhurried sips.



Eventually condensation and a small puddle of water formed around the cup. The water puddle seeped into a few papers and folders on her desk.


“Oops!” Grey said.


She even took the coffee with her to a mid-afternoon staff meeting, where she took only one sip during the entire 37-minute duration, smacking her mouth in pleasure.


“I just get so tired in the afternoon if I don’t have my coffee!”


After leaving work around 5:45 PM Grey decided to stop by the gym where she finally made it to the last third of her iced coffee.


After watching the last episode of this season’s Orange is the New Black, Grey took her final sip of the iced drink, keeping it by her nightstand, and called it a night.


“That is so tasty,” she whispered.