Woman Who Once Baked Fresh Sourdough Now Just Slamming Loose Lunch Meat

hot dog - reductress

Approximately seven months into quarantine, Brooklyn resident Lucia Delgado is making the slow transition from thoughtfully baked sourdough loaves and three-course, home-cooked meals to slamming loose ham and flat Diet Cokes five times a day.


“At first, I was really excited to be spending more time at home, and finally using my kitchen to its full potential,” Lucia tells us. “But by mid-summer, I saw the time-saving benefits of just stacking a pile of salami and putting it in my mouth.”


Delgado, who used to enjoy fast-casual restaurants like Sweetgreen and Digg Inn, misses the ease of just being able to pay money and shove the food down your throat.



“And it’s not like there’s always a perfect amount of lunch meat for sandwiches,” she added. “It’s not like I’m gonna let loose meat go to waste.”


When asked if there are any other foods she has been enjoying, Lucia responded: “I just can’t stop slamming this lunch meat.”