Woman Who Doesn’t Have Social Media Feels Hopeless and Lonely for Other Reasons

Confirming that plenty of other things in this world besides Twitter and Instagram can induce depression and isolation, sources verified that Brooklyn resident Jenny Chamberlain feels hopeless and lonely despite not using any social media whatsoever.


Social media is known to be linked to increased risks of depression, anxiety, loneliness, self-harm and even suicidal thoughts, so when we discovered that there’s a woman who voluntarily does not indulge in it and still feels like complete shit, we had to interrogate her and figure out why she’s this way.


“I don’t like social media because I don’t feel compelled to doomscroll and compare my appearance and accomplishments to people I barely know,” Chamberlain shared from her bedroom where she’s been sitting alone for eight consecutive hours. “Also, I’m kind of just like, why bother caring about anything ever at all?”


In a culture that constantly speculates about younger generations destroying their mental health and emotional processing by spending time on their phones and social media, and then shares those very speculations and analyses via articles on social media to further perpetuate the problem, it’s almost refreshing to see that avoiding it entirely also doesn’t help.


“I promise you that life is still awful whether you’re on Twitter or not,” Chamberlain confirmed before sighing and tearing up. “I…I don’t know what’s wrong with me.”



Feeling dismal about one’s personal future and the overall trajectory of humankind? Sounds just like us social media account owners. Guess feeling bleak, worthless, and secluded from the world are all inevitable features of this one life we’ve constructed for ourselves on this earth!


When asked if she feels left out on certain trends and topics that start on social sites, Chamberlain disagreed.


“Just because I don’t have Instagram doesn’t mean I’m not aware of what’s going on,” she said. “I get my trending celebrity gossip, articles on devastating world news, and sudden push notifications accosting me with details on human rights violations through news outlets just like everyone else.”


Phew! Glad to know we won’t feel left out if we someday deactivate our accounts.


“But just to be clear: even though I don’t use the socials, it is nice when friends randomly send me a TikTok they think I’ll like,” Chamberlain added. “ It’s a nice break from thinking about losing abortion access, never being able to retire, and war.”