Aw! This Woman Reactivated Social Media Because She Took a Good Selfie

In a touching display of human frailty, Thea Munnard reactivated social media just six days after her conscious uncoupling from the “toxic platforms” because she took a really, really good selfie.


“It is true that last week I decided to reclaim my power and part ways with Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter,” says Thea. “But now with the healthy distance and perspective I have from my hiatus, I’m ready to reclaim my power by returning to them.”


This revelation came after Thea took an exceptionally good selfie in a streak of golden light earlier this evening.


“Initially, I quit social media because it was making me feel all the negative ways we know these apps are designed to make us feel: insecure, distracted, unfulfilled,” Thea says. “But maybe I just had to learn how to use it healthily. Like, as I get all these likes and comments telling me how beautiful I am, I don’t feel any of those sad things.”


“I guess it’s sort of like it makes me feel really bad, but then I’m also dependent on it to feel good?” she adds. “Oh, my God, who the fuck just unfollowed me?”


While Thea’s almost-week off the social grid did include screen time reduced by 50%, better sleep, a blessed unawareness of celebrity drama, and a sudden ability to watch and retain the plot of a 90-minute movie, she didn’t hesitate to redownload when the time felt right.


“When I took that stunning selfie, I was just like, now what?” she says. “I could have texted it to my friends, and honestly, they’re so sweet that they would probably let me do that and say nice things about it, but I didn’t want my friends to compliment me; I wanted likes from exes, camp friends, hopefully my cool cousin, and full on strangers.”


Hard to argue with that!



“I think the lessons I learned during that time will stay with me,” Thea says, while refreshing her notifications. “Like for instance, I’m not going to look at Kendall Jenner’s Instagram anymore. Well I’m not going to follow her, but I can just go and take a peek.”


We’re praying for you, girlie!