Woman Stares at Curtain Print So Long That the ‘Are You Still Watching?’ Screen Appears  

In recent news, Bethany Yorkel of Parsippany, New Jersey found herself confronted with an “Are You Still Watching?” notification screen after accidentally zoning out and staring at the dated floral curtain print in her mom’s house for upwards of three hours.


Yorkel was one of thousands of curtain-viewers this weekend who were confronted with this new notification.


The “Are You Still Watching?” screen, first popularized by Netflix, has been long lamented by TV watchers who are insulted by being confronted with their excessive watching habits. With the excess of idle time, this practice has been extended to other activities people may not notice the time fly by with.


Yorkel was surprised by the new addition of the “Are You Still Watching?” screen.



“Well I was working from home in the living room of my parent’s house and I just started staring at the curtains that have been there my entire life because I was so bored. I counted all the flowers, tried to imagine why the 80s went with those colors, and honestly got a little mesmerized by the different layers of gaudy prints,” Yorkel said.


The “Are You Still Watching?” screen also appears in the middle of many other activities, which include staring at your face in the mirror, watching dust float in the sunlight, and monitoring your pet while it’s sleeping.


“I know it’s not the most productive use of my time to stare blankly at a curtain print, but fuck it, it’s quarantine, what else is there to do?” Yorkel said, before selecting “Yes” on the “Are You Still Watching?” screen and resuming to stare at the curtain until her eyes glazed over.


Sources report that users can expect to see a new “Are You Still Shitting?” screen in their home bathrooms starting this Friday.