Woman Searching for Top Local Brunch Spots as If She Doesn’t Order Scrambled Eggs Everywhere

In news out of Brooklyn, NY, 26-year-old Vanessa Aramos is searching for the absolute best brunch spot in the area, even though she only orders scrambled eggs anytime she goes anywhere.


“I just want to find the most perfect place possible,” Vanessa said. “I want to go somewhere that’ll totally blow me away!”


However, there are multiple reports that Vanessa has been to over 10 different brunch spots this year, and she has ordered her signature scrambled eggs at every single one.


“I’ve gone out to brunch with Vanessa a few times, each at a different location,” her friend Geo said. “And at every place she ordered scrambled eggs with a side of bacon, even though the last one was a Jamaican-fusion spot that didn’t even have that on the menu.”


Vanessa, on the other hand, refutes these claims, saying that her orders are actually far more complex.


“Well first of all, the atmosphere means a lot to me,” she told reporters. “I don’t just go to a restaurant for the food; I go for the decor and the ambiance! And secondly, I do switch it up from time to time. Sometimes I go for an extra side of toast, or I get sausage on the side. Sometimes I use hot sauce on the eggs. Only if the restaurant has Frank’s Red Hot, but still.”



Vanessa is also adamant on the subtle differences at each place she visits.


“I once had scrambled eggs at a French place, and they were pretty good, but I had them at a diner the next week, and they were to die for,” she said. “And to think that if I had never gone outside my comfortable bubble, I never would have known!”


But while some of her friends are concerned with her unchanging meal choice, others couldn’t care less about what Vanessa orders.


“It’s already a given that Vanessa will order scrambled eggs at every brunch place we go to,” said another friend, Janice. “But I’m glad that she looks for the best ones, because I actually like to order different things, so I appreciate how hard she works to find the best of the best.”


At press time, Vanessa has narrowed down her search to two places: one in her own neighborhood, and one a 30-minute train ride away.


“This is so tough,” she said. “I literally can’t decide!”