Woman Now Only Reading Articles About How It’s Okay to Not be Productive

At the present stage of coronavirus lockdown, Antonia Esposito is now only reading articles that argue it is okay to not be productive during quarantine, sources report.


“At the beginning of quarantine, I thought I’d have the opportunity to finally prioritize reading for pleasure, but I pretty quickly found I couldn’t make it through more than five pages in an afternoon,” says Esposito. “Then I thought I would just keep up with the news and read interesting things online, but that didn’t really happen for me either.”


“When I first saw someone share an article about how it’s totally okay to not be productive, I knew it was for me before I even clinked the link,” Esposito adds.



And since that fateful day, Esposito hasn’t wasted her energy trying to get through anything else.


“My attention span seems to have diminished with each passing day in quarantine,” Esposito says. “But I can always manage to at least skim those articles and find some new talking points to tell myself while I lie on my couch scrolling through Instagrams I’ve already seen.”


While Esposito is a fierce proponent of her new lifestyle, she has her doubters.


“I don’t get why she reads and sends me every single one of those articles,” says close friend Tash Brighton. “If she had really internalized the message, I think she would just stop reading them and accept that this is not a productive time for her and that’s completely okay and understandable.”


But Esposito doesn’t see it that way.


“I feel completely at peace about it,” she says. “I just keep reading them so I can be even more informed on how toxic it is to push the ideal of creative and professional productivity during a global pandemic. We’re actually all experiencing grief. I’ll send you an article I read about that.”


At press time, Esposito was having an emotional breakdown about her fears that she was never productive in the first place, and may have fallen irreparably behind in her career.