Woman Gleefully Shares Photo of Her Fuckable Grandpa on Instagram

Parker King raised eyebrows last Thursday when she gleefully shared an old photograph of her once-fuckable grandfather to her Instagram page. The semi-incestuous brag came under the guise of a Throwback Thursday and featured the caption, “When you find out your gramps was a total stud >>>.”


While King was happy to share and benefit from her grandfather’s past hotness, others were unsure what to make of the post.


“I don’t know how to react to Parker’s desire that we all celebrate how truly fuckable her grandpa used to be,” said one friend, Rosa Mendez. “I guess it’s nice that she’s getting in touch with her roots, though this does feel a bit unorthodox.”


Though Mendez was willing to give Parker the benefit of the doubt, others were even less generous in their interpretation of King’s post.


“I just don’t get why she’s broadcasting her attraction to her grandfather,” said King’s coworker, Ronette Dwyer. “Why would anyone share an image that’s basically just saying, ‘If I could pull a Back to the Future and travel through time exclusively to bone my relatives while they were young and taut, I would be all over it.’”


Sources close to Parker confirmed that this sexy grandpa Instagram was not an isolated incident.


“Honestly I unfollowed Parker because the other day she posted a picture of her grandpa in the 50s holding her mom as a baby with the caption #daddyvibes, screaming face emoji, wet emoji,” said Mendez. “At that point I simply had to tap out. It was…disturbing?”


When reached for comment, King claimed to not understand why her sultry grandpa posts were causing such controversy.



“It’s not like I’m into my grandpa!” said King. “He’s, like, 90. He just used to be really banging and I think we should all appreciate that. I’m not saying I would hookup with my hot young gramps….or am I? No, no I wouldn’t. Or would I? No. I don’t know.”


At this point our reporter terminated the investigation because they had heard enough.