Woman Discovers Her Summer Fling Actually Doesn’t Look Good Without Sunglasses

Not Your Boyfriend - Reductress

After a romantic and sun-filled summer with her boyfriend, Kyle, cooler weather and waning daylight hours have made Chandra realize that her summer fling doesn’t actually look good without sunglasses.


Chandra started to notice something different about Kyle around mid-September, but couldn’t put her finger on exactly what was wrong. Then, one night as the sun quickly set, Kyle pushed his sunglasses from his face and suddenly, it hit her.


“I was like ‘oh my God, Kyle isn’t good-looking.’”



Looking into his actual eyeballs, Chandra found herself speechless. “Wait, did I actually let this guy hold my hand for four months? Have I been calling him my boyfriend this whole time?” she thought to herself.


“No, he was just a summer fling,” Chandra began embarrassedly telling people after the break-up, despite previously telling many friends, family members and any colleagues or strangers who would listen that Kyle was “the one.” Chandra quickly changed her relationship status on Facebook and only left herself tagged in photos where Kyle was wearing sunglasses.


“I’m not ashamed of the summer we spent together,” says Chandra. “He was tan and those glasses framed his awkward face situation really well.”