Woman Builds Her Personality Around Hatred of Popular Things

Rather than allowing her personality to be influenced by pedestrian, mainstream interests, 24-year-old Eliza Zevallos has built her personality around her hatred of popular things.


“I basically just identify trends that many people seem to be enjoying and dismiss them all without satisfying justifications,” says Zevallos. “Doing this proves that I’m different from everyone else.”


A close friend of Zevallos agreed. “One time Eliza told me that anyone who uses the dog filter on Snapchat should be put down,” she says. “I immediately realized that I was a stupid fool for ever liking it and deleted the app.”


Other popular things Zevallos hates include: Veganism, Beyoncé, jeggings, Keeping Up With the Kardashians, rooftop parties, Kindles, brunch, weddings, emojis, diet soda, Tumblr, baseball caps, anyone who went to business school, saying hello, frappuccinos, selfie sticks, carpooling, lumberjacks, Darwinism, midi rings, crying or holding hands in public, The Bachelorette, modern art, Pokemon Go and Valentine’s Day.


“Unlike other people, I don’t have to participate in these things to enjoy my life,” says Zevallos. “I actually don’t have to enjoy anything, ever.”



“The details don’t really matter,” she says. “Just assume that whatever everyone else is doing, I’m doing the opposite.”


When pressed to explain who “everyone else” was, Zevallos simply spread her arms to indicate ‘everyone in the whole world.’


At the conclusion of the interview Zevallos’ own personality had not become any clearer, though she did say that she liked that one song by Taylor Swift about having bad blood.


“I don’t like Taylor Swift though,” Zevallos clarifies quickly. “But if I did, it would be a decision I made and not because I’m just following the masses, which is what everyone else is doing.”