Friendship Not Renewed for a Fifth Season

After four years of rocky ratings and cliché plot twists, Liz Horn and Molly Reid’s Friendship is finally coming to a close. The popular dramatic relationship will not be renewed for an additional season, according to a statement sent to insiders via GroupMe on Wednesday.


“It’s been a great run, I guess, but it’s time to walk away,” says Liz, who’s known Molly since college “You guys can still talk to Molly if you want, but I’m so done.”


Minutes later, Molly made her own statement on Twitter, saying, “Cutting people out of your life doesn’t mean you hate them… it means you respect yourself. #BYEEEEBITCH.”


The season four finale of Liz and Molly’s Friendship aired Saturday night, when Liz poured an entire handle of Vodka onto Molly’s iPhone 5 after Molly confessed to sleeping with Liz’s ex. The friendship’s ratings were at an all-time low, with only one canine viewer tuning in. Accordingly, the cancellation came as no surprise to the friendship’s audience, who admit the past several episodes have been stale.



“That scene where Molly and Liz screamed at each other on the dance floor of Pixel… I was almost embarrassed to watch it,” says Alex Warren, longtime viewer and of Liz and Molly. “I love them both… but really, guys? This was all already done by The OC.”


Still, amongst thousands of relationships in which mutual respect, kindness, and common interests are the norm, Liz and Molly’s friendship offered something unique. Tuning in usually guaranteed a brand of emotional turmoil otherwise rare in today’s friendship landscape.


“Some fans of Liz and Molly have this theory that they’re actually the same person: two distinct manifestations of one young woman with Dissociative Identity Disorder,” explains Molly’s coworker, Britt Shah. “But I guess we’ll never see that play out. And part of me is okay with that.”


Liz and Molly are sad but comfortable with the decision, and still have fond feelings for the friendship’s producer, Mad Dog 20/20.