Woman Between TV Shows Considers Starting Spiritual Journey

woman watching tv

After finishing a full series rewatch of Game of Thrones, and with no next show lined up, Matilda Boker is now considering embarkation on a journey of spiritual growth and discovery for a quick sec.


“Now that I’m done with Thrones, I’m feeling a little lost,” Boker says. “In that lack of security — not knowing what will come next or what my attention will be turned to in the coming nights, my thoughts begin to wonder, as if called toward something…”


Boker, who has spent most of the past year and more generally her life watching a series of prestige television dramas, docu-series, and limited series, punctuated by the occasional 3-12 season sitcom, is now taking a step back to engage with the thought of maybe seeking the numinous or something like that.


“I finished the finale at 11 p.m., which was too early to sleep, but too late to process everything, then find and start a new show,” Boker explains. “And during those 90 minutes untethered by plan or purpose, I suddenly realized that I think there are higher powers and divinity within the universe, and I might like to cultivate a more attuned relationship to those forces.”


Though Boker is unsure of how to begin her quest for the sacred, she reports that she sat down and ate a whole meal without watching anything yesterday and “almost lost [her] mind,” which she understands to have been an early test in the genesis of her spiritual life.


“I don’t know what to do with this feeling,” Boker says. “Do I meditate? Do I go to church? Picking something at random seems to invalidate any choice. You have to just know, like when I started Mad Men before everyone was talking about Mad Men.”


“At any rate, I’m overwhelmed by this newfound malleability of my worldview,” Boker adds. “But moving forward and diving into new depths of consciousness in the face of the unknown? Maybe that’s what faith is all about.”


At press time, Boker had decided to actually just start The Wire.