Dad Just Calling to See How Your Laptop Is Holding Up

At 4:48 p.m. yesterday evening, your 60-something-year-old dad of the city where your dad lives called to see how your laptop is holding up.


“How long have you had it? It’s got to be, what? From 2015?” your dad asked.


After confirming the age of your laptop that he gifted you upon your college graduation, your dad added a series of follow-up questions about its level of function and performance.


“It’s still getting by, though?” your dad said. “Now, is that the main device you’re using for work, or do you have something else from the office?”


You reportedly confirmed for the fourth time this year that you are, in fact, working from home on the very laptop in question, to which your dad replied, “Oh, wow.”


“My dad really seems to have a lot of curiosity about the overall wellness of my laptop,” you say. “I wanted to give him something, so I did mention that the fan gets really loud sometimes, and then he just made a joke about that being because of ‘too much Netflix’.”



“I tried to change the subject by asking him how my step-mom is doing but he just mumbled something about how she was gardening, then said to keep him in the loop about my laptop because the battery could be nearing the end of its life.”


Your dad then offered to do some research in case you wanted to consider moving away from Apple with your next computer purchase, which you have to admit is pretty sweet, even though you definitely would not do that.


“He didn’t ask me any questions about my relationships, mental health, or work life,” you say. “But honestly, that’s kind of cool by me. I have friends for that stuff, and my friends are definitely never going to ask me how my laptop is doing.”


At press time, your dad was emailing you a tangentially related article about the use of iPads as cash registers for some reason.