BREAKING: Dad Has That Type of Battery

In a developing report out of West Stockbridge, MA, it has been discovered that 52-year-old father Lenny Goodman does indeed have that type of battery.


“Yeah, I think I got a couple two three of those lyin’ around,” said Lenny. “Check the junk drawer.”


Lenny, who also has exact which type of screwdriver, lightbulb, or wingnut anyone would ever need, went on about his battery selection in detail.


“Got AAs, AAAs, Ds, you name it,” he said. “Just depends what kinda doodad you need to put it in. I think I might even have a car battery or two sittin’ somewhere. I’ll check in the garage.”


“And if I don’t have it, I got a guy who can get it quick,” Lenny added, confidently.


To Laura Goodman, Lenny’s daughter, this is business as usual.


“I’ve never needed a bit for something that my dad didn’t have readily available,” she said. “And I’m not even talking just electronic stuff. He literally refinished a pair of high-heeled shoes for me once.”


“He’s like a cobbler, electrician, plumber, carpenter, and haberdasher all packed into one dad,” Laura added.


“Just doing what dads do,” said Lenny. “Remember that time I fixed the motor in your neck massager?”



Sources confirm that Laura promptly turned read and left the room after her father shared that anecdote.