Lila Posting Video of Herself Eating a Big Piece of Arugula?

In a baffling development on Instagram, it appears that 24-year-old Lila Keegan has posted a story today of herself chomping on a large, leafy green while in the driver’s seat of her car.


The green appears to be arugula, although this cannot be confirmed at this time, as the video features no caption and no dialogue from Lila.


“It’s just like, 20 seconds of her silently chewing a plant,” says her perplexed friend, Adrianna Kingsley, 26. “It was really disarming to stumble on that.”


While Lila is known to work at a farmer’s market on the weekends, this occupational proximity to arugula does little to explain why she felt the need to broadcast footage of herself chewing on it.


“I guess it was to show that she… likes plants?” ventures Adrianna. “Anyway, it’s not the kind of thing I’m dying to see my friends do honestly.”


Many acquaintances of Lila have expressed some level of confusion or discomfort after witnessing the video. The deafening silence, punctuated only by the intermittent crunch of teeth-gnashing against leaf, has left many feeling particularly unnerved. And while there is no appropriate amount of time for a video such as this to occupy, nearly all agree that somehow it does manage to go on for too long.


“I just want to know why she did it,” says Lila’s friend, Kendra Buttons. “What was she trying to convey? Wellness? Eating clean? There are other ways to push those ideas that won’t leave your friends feeling so confused.”


Those hoping to find some answers in her subsequent stories were left disappointed.



“The next moment in her Story was a photo of a book she’s reading,” says Adrianna. “Then after that was a video of rain. She just moved right on from the arugula-eating thing, as if it didn’t require any follow-up or context. But it did.”


While many have been left understandably confused by the bizarre video, some have tentatively applauded her.


“I guess it’s cool to show you don’t need dressing or whatever to enjoy a salad?” Says Maya Thompson, 24. “Maybe that’s what she was getting at? Maybe??”


And while some have fished to find a generous explanation for the strange post, many more have accepted the fact that it’s purpose will always remain ambiguous.


“I don’t understand why she did it, and I didn’t particularly enjoy watching it,” says Kendra. “But I guess I respect her for posting it. Well, not really.”