Why Zoom Class is Just Like Real School Except Impossible and I Am High

As a student of Grand Canyon University, I am disappointed to discover that Zoom classes are just as boring as regular classes but they are actually even more impossible and fuck I am so stoned right now.


I mean how am I supposed to stay focused when the teacher is droning on and I don’t have my buddy Jess to nudge me awake and I have the stuff to make nachos in my kitchen and I also did a huge bong rip right before this.


It was so huge.


Like, we all have more important things to think about right now, like our future jobs and people dying and like… what is that lion show everyone’s watching again? Does Amazon deliver chips?


The length of time for a class should be shorter. Like people are in their homes and their roommate or mom might’ve just needed to talk to them about something.


I’m not saying learning should be over, but video? Dude it took me and Jess 20 minutes to figure out how to turn the volume up on my Mac because I didn’t realize it was connected to Bluetooth and also we were laughing so hard. Fuck. That was so funny. Fuck.


Like, this is too much to navigate while we are in crisis as a nation.



Make class monthly or give us a pass because Zoom class blows like real school but it is like not at all possible. Seriously.


I cannot do it.