7 Halloween Costumes That Are Your Underwear and Cat Ears

Sure, you wore your underwear and cat ears for Halloween last year, but you rocked it and you should do it again! This way, you don’t have to exhaust yourself trying to be original or creative in any way, so you can save your energy for picking out which one of your exes to strut past in your skivvies. Plus, if you can find the ears from last year, you don’t have to buy anything! Here are seven different variations of how you could pair your underwear with cat ears that’ll have everyone saying, “Hey! Cool costume!”


1. Black Bra and Panties with Cat Ears

Black cats are basically the mascot of Halloween so that’s cool. And black is the most slimming and sexy of all the colors. Simply pair a black bra with a pair of black panties and top with cat ears. You are now a black cat!


2. White Bra and Panties with Cat Ears

Since you’re so pure and innocent…NOT! Lol, you are a total whore. (We can say that; it’s Halloween! Every slutty thing is totally kosher!) Wear your nicest white bra (make sure it’s still white in the pits) with your least-perioded white panties (they’ll never stay totally white so don’t even bother) and add cat ears. Voila: You are a powerful, mysterious, innocent snow kitten wearing underwear!



3. The Matching Victoria’s Secret Set You Got From Your College Boyfriend with Cat Ears

You only bring out this set on special occasions, or the first time you sleep with someone new. Halloween could be both! A lot of people don’t even know you have such a nice set of matching lingerie. This is a great way to show it off! Be sure to post a pic of you as “Cat Gisele Bündchen” so Sean sees that you still look great in it even after all these years!


4. Panties That Say “Diva” on the Butt and Your Fun Bra with Cat Ears

Because even though you’re dressed as a cat, you’re still a diva who likes to have fun! Wear your Diva panties with any non-neutral color bra and cat ears. Meow! You’re a Divacat!


5. Whatever Underwear You Were Going to Wear That Day Anyway with Cat Ears

This is the most likely of the options because you’re going to decide that you just want to stay in and chill with your friend Lauren. So you go to Lauren’s and start a scary movie marathon when she gets a text from Marcia telling her that Sean is at the party she is at. On a whim, you decide to go to the party, so you simply pick up a pair of cat ears at a CVS, take off your clothes and voila! You are yourself in your underwear as a cat!


6. Your One Strapless Bra and Your Favorite Period Panties with Cat Ears

This will be super convenient if you have your period, but also if you don’t have it, you might get it! And you’ll be praying you do once you end up at Sean’s. Put on the bra you wore to your rich cousin’s wedding, throw on Ol’ Trusties, and top wit hcat ears. Boo! You’re a bloody cat in underwear!


7. A Sports Bra with Boy-Short Style Panties with Cat Ears

This way, you can head to the party right from the gym! Then you can go right back to the gym from his apartment the next morning. No excuses! If you are going to make this breakup stick, you’re gonna need to be toned af. Put on your Lululemon gear and cat ears and resolve to change. Now you’re a Gym Cat!


There you have it: seven totally valid Halloween costumes comprised of a bra, panties, and cat ears. You do still have those cat ears, right?