Why I Stopped Wearing Tampons And Started Wearing A Diva Cup, Then Went Right Back To Tampons

Every woman knows the monthly struggle of her period, and the slag of cramps, bloating, and bleeding never get any easier. So I took it upon myself to change my menstrual narrative: I made the switch from tampons to a Diva Cup, which lasted for like, four months before I ultimately switched back to tampons.


Now everything in my life is the same again.


I was first drawn to the Diva Cup for the financial benefits; The cup costs about $30 and lasts forever, which was so much more economical than the $7 packs of tampons I was buying, then stopped buying, and are now definitely buying again. Although it felt great to save all that extra money every month, I realized that collecting my menstrual blood in a cup and dumping it out in a public sink just wasn’t worth it for me. So now I’m back to tampons with a big, plastic applicator I finally feel like my real self again.


I encourage every woman out there to make the switch from tampons to menstrual cups then ultimately return, a defeated woman, to tampons.



I was interested to find out that in terms of vaginal health, menstrual cups are the way to go. With no latex, dyes, toxins or bleaches, the Diva Cup is completely safe. That’s a real perk, unless your oddly shaped vagina makes it difficult to create a seal without the risk of catastrophic levels of leaking that will make you immediately come running back to a box of super-plus Tampax.


A sexier perk to the Diva Cup is that it maintains the natural moisture in your vagina, which can make your sex life even better. This was an exciting prospect for me, until I realized my sex life was terrible to begin with and my vibrator doesn’t seem to care much about vaginal moisture. Kinda makes you wonder why you’re handling a wobbly cup of your own blood in a public bathroom, doesn’t it?


Switching to a Diva cup immediately turned my life around, and then turned it all the way back around again, effectively not changing my life at all. The cup was a complete revolution, a full circle, taking me right back to where I started. And it can for you, too. So take the temporary plunge, ladies, and try shoving a soft, oversized thimble up your cooch before you inevitably go right back to those tampons.