Why I Stopped Renting and Now Live in the Pixelated Wagon From The Oregon Trail

With rent prices rising in major cities across the country, many Americans are faced with the dilemma of paying more and more for a place to live. This is why I’ve decided to stop renting and instead move into the nostalgic pixelated wagon from the 1974 video game The Oregon Trail.


Before my move, I was paying half of my monthly income in rent for a shoebox of a room surrounded by other people in this rat race. One of my favorite things about living in this 8-bit wagon is that I don’t have any neighbors! I do, however, have a family of five to feed and provide for, who also get dysentery about once a month. There’s always something, isn’t there?


Many people ask me how I’m able to forfeit the space of an apartment to live in a portable tent, but I always tell them that while the wagon is small, the vintage architecture of the vehicle is amazing. No ‘tiny home’ could ever compete with the aerodynamic and parachute-like structure of my new crib.


I’ve also always wanted a pet, but my last apartment didn’t allow them. Now, with my pixelated wagon, I have six oxen that travel with me wherever I go! They’re not great for emotional support necessarily, but it’s still cool to have them there! It just kind of sucks when they die from over exhaustion, which happens a lot more than you might think.


In addition to that, moving into the wagon from The Oregon Trail allowed me to finally cut down on storage. Before, I had a closet full of clothes that I could barely choose from, but now I only have a worn and dirty virtual prairie dress! I love living a clutter-free life.


I can also name my roommates/family members, which is a privilege that I don’t take lightly. Even though they get on my nerves sometimes (they keep getting dysentery), it’s easy to keep a good sense of humor when their names are Ugly, Butt, ???, and Omelet.



Living in the pixelated wagon from The Oregon Trail has changed my perspective on everything, especially since I have to shoot and kill all of my food now. We’ll see if I ever get to Oregon with the fam. They’ll probably all die on the way there, but that would actually be fine because it would be kind of like a studio apartment!