MLM? Married Friend Insists You Should Get a Boyfriend

In an unexpected twist at a mutual friend’s birthday party, your married friend Lisa is insisting that you should get a boyfriend, or in other words, join her multi-level marketing scheme called “marriage.”


“Yeah, right,” you said. “Like I’m falling for that one!”


According to reports, Lisa cornered you while you were grabbing snacks from a nearby table to ask if you were “seeing anybody.”


“Hey girly,” Lisa opened with, “I realized that you’ve been single for a while, which is so surprising to me, because I feel like you out of all people should have a boyfriend!”


While she made the business model of a relationship sound pretty legit, you still weren’t fully convinced.


“I told her that I wasn’t interested,” you told us. “But she just kept pushing anyway.”


“Finding a relationship will give you more stability in life,” Lisa continued. “I know it did for me. I could refer you to some of my guy friends if you’d like? I promise you won’t regret it.”


However, when you finally firmly declined her offer, she showed no respect for your boundaries and continued to try and induct you into her glorified cult.


“Married life is so rewarding,” Lisa told you. “It’s hard work, but it’s really worth it! I think you’d love it honestly.”



While Lisa insists that this was a just lighthearted conversation between friends, you’re pretty sure that it was a “mutually beneficial” business proposition.


“I feel like she wants more married friends,” you said. “Or maybe just more invites to weddings?”


At press time, Lisa has recruited over six of her friends to get a boyfriend or husband, and these friends have gotten even more women to follow in their footsteps, despite all of them losing more than what they put into their relationships.


Looks like you really dodged a bullet there!