Why I Spent $200,000 on Orchestrating a Run-In With My Ex

When my ex and I broke up, I was devastated. Even though we loved each other, it just felt like the timing was wrong. But soon I got over it, and more than that, I flourished—so much that I needed him to see exactly how good I was doing. For months and months I lingered by our old regular spots, but we just never ran into each other. That’s when I decided to take matters into my own hands, and spend a buttload of money to orchestrate an elaborate run-in with my ex.


What can I say? Revenge is priceless, and also really, really expensive if you do it right.


I had blocked my ex from all my social media accounts, and he apparently moved to London but my friends didn’t even tell me! They said it had been “eight months” and told me to “get over it,” which I obviously am. I am doing great!


I knew I needed to run into my ex, and it had to be “happenstance.” I didn’t want to come off as a crazy person who traveled across the world to show my ex how well I’m doing without him. That is why I decided to make the mature decision to travel the world to show my ex that I’m actually doing better without him. That’s what savings accounts are for!


I knew if I was going to orchestrate this run-in, I’d really have to sell it. No one just goes to London for 48 hours for no reason! That’s why I hired a private eye to track down my ex and record his daily routine and habits. I bought a first-class plane ticket (just in case!), a whole new wardrobe, and booked reservations at four nearby hotels in case I needed to duck into any of them, just like any normal person would do.



Then, I needed to shift the power dynamic so he felt in awe of me and my beautiful new life—the woman he let get away. I ultimately decided something low-key was the answer—a staged photo shoot in which I was the model. I knew he would walk by and see me and think to himself, “Wow, Kassie sure is thriving.”


And that is exactly what happened, kind of! There I was, being photographed in a flowing robe, when my ex walked by and noticed me and then looked very confused and then didn’t say anything and kept walking to work. But I know what he was thinking. He was upset because he knew that I am actually doing amazing and have my life together, except for my retirement savings, which are now gone.


My friends tell me that this was a poor use of money and that an Instagram post on a friend’s page would have been enough to let him know I’ve moved on, but I disagree. Sometimes you have to get closure—even if it costs $200,000 and your future kids will not be attending college. Worth it!!