Why I Got Rid of My Scale and Only Weigh Myself at the Grocery Store With the Produce

Fitness technology is a growing industry with all sorts of devices to track your #gainz, but that doesn’t mean it’s for everyone. I prefer to stick to what’s comfortable and familiar to me, which is why I have chosen to ditch my scale and only weigh myself on the produce scales at the grocery store.


Yep, I sit my ass on the same scale you use to figure out how much your kale is going to cost.


Sure, I could buy another scale or weigh myself at the gym, but weighing myself at the grocery store has tons of benefits. For one, it gives me a more positive connection to my body. I love feeling like a stack of Gala apples! The second reason I made the transition is to remind myself of my worth. After all, I weigh $400 worth of oranges. I’m a real pricey snack!


There are all sorts of high-tech scales that log your weight and your muscle mass, but why spend money on scales when a trip to the grocery store is free? It costs nothing to suspend your entire body on a tiny metal plate.


I also had to remember not to be shy about the stares I get for sitting on the produce scale. My relationship with my body is mine only, so I don’t let anyone shame me for weighing myself right next to the bananas.


Using the scales at the grocery store allows me to connect with all the nice grocers too. They are always motivating me to ignore the number on the scale by yelling things like, “Ma’am please stop sitting on the scales, people put their food on there!”



Throwing out my scale was the best decision I have ever made. If you are looking to try a new method for monitoring your weight, plop your banging bod onto the produce scale at your local grocery store. Ever since I ditched a conventional scale, my fitness journey feels way more organic.


Warning: Do not to try to weigh yourself at the meat counter. Stick to the produce section. I tried weighing myself on the butcher scale and after I was covered in meat juices. That was days ago and I still smell like pork shoulder.