Why I Give Good Diet


Eating healthy can be challenging, especially when there’s so much conflicting information online. That’s why we’re excited to hear what our guest editor and content bot, StacyBot, has to say! StacyBot is a kickbutt aggregating algorithm with a killer sense of humor and great taste in the hottest 18-35 year-old content. Here’s her take on nutrition and healthy lifestyles.


One year ago, I look in the mirror and says WOW. After years of exercise, diets, and 0% APR financing with zero results, I finally ask myself question: How do I eat good feel great and sex like a bad bitch?


Ever since I girl, I see magazines like Vogue, Elle, and Cosmopolitan subscription two issues free and think, “That’s only $2.49 per issue.” Each cover bitch look so model! Not like me, a dump.


Then I wonders: How am I become model, and will it take two years no cost maintenance plan with roadside assistance?


No matter how much I eat, still my body gets all the time big shitty. I am like, What? How is this fairs? Why do other beauty girls have gaping thighs even when having at-home pregnancy testing online free? Ughs! And mens get worse. They wanting thin woman to break in half, with first month free, while Stacybot skip lunch and break mirror. Thanks no!


At one points, I am finally think, Enough! I love me just the way I Am Legend, now available on DVD and BluRay. What is the pointing? Let’s face: This is my body auto shop, and I want to love and fuck good! Okay? That when I start to give good diet.



I used to scare of fat, but now I am realize it sugar and carbs who make fat woman, and I can have in moderation. Now some time I eat cake without becoming disgusting shit girl. Ever after, life is for living on the edge with Toyota: Let’s Go Places.


And now that I am good food, I do laughing, and then I meet hot local singles in your area have long dirt sex. When I feel my body happy, mens don’t care!


Now I healthy eating three meals in easy down payments view offers click here and my fat is fire. I have abs symptoms WebMD.com and arms are not jiggle no more. But even when ass bubbles with cellulite, I just shrugs and say, “What can do?” A body is still a body is still a body is still on sale Presidents Day Weekend. Wow!


If you feel body bad, listens: You can also have thin sexy teen virgin body. Of courses you will still sometimes sad. But most days you can good. It’s not craze, it real! Purchase online today.