My Body Type Is ‘Soft Pastry’. Here’s Why.

Knowing your exact body type can be a blessing: It allows you to embrace your silhouette and find more confidence in yourself. It can also help you determine what trends look good on you, and which ones you can swiftly avoid. So pull out your measuring tape to figure out if your body type is inverted triangle, rectangle, triangle, hourglass, or like me – just a soft pastry.


Some people might think worrying about your body type isn’t a healthy practice, and as someone who’s discovered hers, I have to respectfully disagree. While I do believe that it is unhealthy to fixate on the way your body looks, realizing my shape is a soft, flaky bun was unbelievably freeing. Now I can wear blazers and high-waisted pants knowing that I’m wearing the perfect thing for my yummy dough body.


When I was going through puberty, I noticed my body growing in drastic ways: while other girls got their periods, I was becoming a patisserie filled with frangipane. I didn’t understand that this was something I could be proud of until much later in life. Now I am not afraid of my soft and buttery, delicious body type, best eaten while fresh.


I spent my twenties trying to squeeze myself into low-rise jeans, and I am proud to say learning I am a bit of a crumbly pastry has allowed me to accept my body and own it. Now when I go to the beach, I don’t worry about the tan models running around. I own my pastry body and wear whatever I want. Every shape is beautiful, especially my layers and layers of butter enveloped by laminated dough baked at 425 degrees for roughly ten minutes.



And one of the biggest lessons I’ve learned is that you can’t control what other people think of you. Sure, to some people you might be a simple crescent-shaped snack, but you know deep down you are a spectacular almond-flavored treat rich with flavor, and you shall be treated as such.


I hope young girls with soft pastry bodies out there read this and feel empowered to own their unique look. Next time you feel alone in your changing body, head to your local pâtisserie and look at the rows and rows of beautiful croissants, éclairs and palmiers. You aren’t alone, and remember that someday your doughiest insecurity will be your doughiest strength.