White Woman On The Street Just Gonna Walk Right Into You, I Guess!


Recently, there has been a growing movement of self-identified feminists who have chosen to intentionally not move out of the way when a man is walking in their path in order to reclaim the space that men have been entitled to for so long. But despite the fact that you are a woman of color and not a man, it appears this white woman is just gonna walk right into you, anyway!


“Um, watch where you’re going!” said Hayleigh-Lynn Perry, the white woman who had just walked into you. “Do you not see me walking here?”


Hayleigh-Lynn, who subconsciously expected you would move out of the way in the same way that men subconsciously expect her to move out of the way, went on to spew her indignance.


“People can be so rude,” she went on to say, in the way that only white women who feel entitled to black women’s space can. “Like, were you raised without manners?”


Not a single woman of color you know is surprised.


“That happens to me all the time,” said Fatima Shaikh, your coworker. “And it’s always a white woman wearing, like, a “The Future is Female” t-shirt. And then they get so mad at me for not moving out of their way, as if I’m less-deserving of sidewalk space?”


“Yeah, white women fully body check me on the street like twice a day,” added Ketsia Williams, your close friend. “I think they just see ultimate feminism as white women getting to be as entitled as men, in that they get to mistreat people they perceive as lower than them.”


“Come to think of it, white women actually walk into me way more than men do,” Ketsia added. “But they can die mad, because I’m still not gonna move.”


But none of that is gonna stop Hayleigh-Lynn.



“I just can’t believe how clueless people can be while they’re walking down the street,” she mumbled under her breath after choosing to stroll down the sidewalk three-abreast with her friends without even considering moving out of the way for you. “Who does she think she is?”