Couple’s Joint Instagram Profile Clearly Just For Them

Nikki Carey and Seth Moore of Flagstaff, AZ recently decided to take their relationship to the next level and created a joint Instagram account, “CareMoore,” which no one really wanted or seemed to have asked for.


“Combining our individual brands seemed like the natural next step. There were some creative compromises to make that happen, but at the end of the day, we came out of it stronger than ever,” Nikki commented, referring to the account that currently has only 16 followers.


So far the couple has put roughly 100 hours into building and generating content for the account, which even their own friends refuse to follow. This seems to be a trending social media movement for cult-favorite couples, like those that form out of Survivor and other reality programs that bring strangers together. But this couple? We’re not sure who this is for.


“This is social media PDA,” says Nikki’s friend Sarah. “it was nauseating enough when they made out at my barbecue last summer. We’re all adults. We have relationships, but no one wants to see that.”


“Now it’s like, instead of having the option to hang out with Nikki individually, we’re forced to experience them together all the time. Kind of makes me never want to see either of them again IRL.”



The couple recently posted a poll in their insta-story asking, “tb~completely~h: is our new couple account the best or extra AF?” Despite the honest result of 100% extra AF, this couple refused to let this obstacle get in the way of staying together.


“We’re just such a huge part of each other’s lives. Our online presence couldn’t not reflect that!” says Seth.