Which Tacky Pop Star Fragrance Are You?

With so many pop singers peddling fragrances nowadays, it’s tough to choose which one fits your personal style! We’ve compiled a list of several simple personality types with a corresponding pop star fragrance perfectly suited to them.


I’m A Recent College Grad:


For those daunting job interviews, choose Christina Aguilera’s Inspire. It projects confidence, even when there shouldn’t be all that much of it because you majored in communications and your chub is spilling over your corset. But you know what? You’re empowered enough to wear it and to apply to this high-level position you don’t understand. You’re bold. You’re daring. You’re inspired.


I’m A New Mother:


Adjusting to your new role as a mom, your new body and your new life? Maintain your inner sex goddess with Beyoncé’s Heat. Just because your child just spit up on your neck doesn’t mean you can’t unleash a powerful sensuality. With Heat, ravage your man like the tigress you are, and then pass out halfway through the General Hospital you DVR’d. You’re fucking exhausted and it’s seriously hot in here.


I’m Over 40:


You know what’s over? Your thirties. You know what’s not over? Your life. Drench yourself in Mariah Carey’s Dreams because, like Mariah’s, yours are still alive. And I mean drench yourself. Put way too much on. You’re a legend. Have your moment.



I’m a Fun Drunk:


Saying you’re wearing Britney Spears’ Cosmic Radiance is a total joke, which is perfect for you. It breaks the ice and has them all laughing at the bar. But really, inside, the lost girl you are finds comfort in its sweet, citrus accords. You’re doing great, you say to yourself. Don’t cry tonight.


I’m Happily Still A Virgin In My Late Twenties:


Taylor Swift’s Wonderstruck is the perfect compliment to your innocence. The world is an amazing place full of laughter and love and, one day, your Prince will come. Don’t rush it. You’re a beautiful girl with parents that love you and everyone always compliments you on how clean your room is. Every day is Disney World. Run through a meadow. Smell every virtuous flower.



I’ve Had Numerous Abortions:


Rihanna’s Reb’l Fleur. You have nothing to explain.


I’m A Super Gay Dude:


If gays aren’t feeling Nicki Minaj’s Minajesty, no one else will. It’s called Minajesty.