Wait, What? Friend Actually Agrees Other Friend Might Be Mad At You

In a deeply troubling story while at lunch with your friend McKenna, she seems to actually agree that your other friend might indeed be mad at you. 


Sources are reporting, “What the fuck?” and “That’s not what you’re supposed to say.”


“When I brought up to McKenna that our friend Lily might be mad at me because she didn’t invite me to dinner with her family while they were in town, I was relieved almost as soon as the words came out of my mouth,” you say. “Like there are so many other explanations, and I was prepared for McKenna to offer me one. But that is not what happened. Not at all.”


Rather than immediately assuring you you were being crazy, McKenna instead opted to confirm that all your worst fears might be true. 


“Have you had dinner with her family before?” McKenna asked. Upon hearing you had, she said, “Hm. That is a bit weird then.” 


Bystanders confirm that your world is literally turning upside down right now. 


When you told McKenna that Lily had just love reacted but not responded to your DM reply to her family dinner story, she jumped at the opportunity to twist the knife. 



“Yeah, maybe something is up,” McKenna said. “It’s probably fine, but you should just ask her.” 


What the fuck does this bitch know?!


“I went into this expecting to be comforted, but now I’m pretty sure both Lily and McKenna hate me and are possibly plotting to kill me,” you say. “By the end of the conversation, I was actually trying to convince McKenna that there’s no reason to believe Lily is mad and it’s normal for her to have dinner with her parents without inviting me.” 


Meanwhile, McKenna remains totally ignorant to the havoc she has wreaked. 


“Oh the Lily thing?” she says. “I wasn’t really listening, I thought I was just agreeing with whatever I was being told.”


At press time, you are spiraling out of control and questioning your very grasp of reality.