Uncoordinated Christmas Potluck Results in Too Much Bean Dip

Angela Toohey’s annual neighborhood potluck began as it had every year before: Guests arrived, kids were escorted to the basement, and potluck dishes were relegated to their designated course table. As the Tupperware lids were removed, Toohey realized that an oversight in planning had caused a vast overage of bean dip, shuttling the holiday potluck into disaster.


“Every year I make a Google Doc, but this year I trusted everyone to decide amongst themselves about what they planned to bring,” lamented the overwhelmed hostess. “Nobody even brought chips.”


Many felt the chip deficit. Some guests were forced to use the hardened top film from Janet Terrazi’s Mediterranean black bean hummus as a dipping vehicle into Karen Adams’ softer and more spreadable Frito refried bean casserole. Some abstained from eating altogether, drinking eggnog to quell the hunger pangs.



Though the initial spurt of creativity helped neighbors bond, they soon grew restless for entrees. Guests looked on with optimism as Judy and Greg Harris squeezed into the dining room, but their excitement quickly waned as Judy pulled off the tin foil only to reveal more bean dip.


“I’ve survived three failed marriages,” said 65-year-old neighbor Grace Johnson. “But this was honestly one of the more disappointing moments in my life.”


The unprecedented tragedy caused guests to call it an early night, with some partygoers quietly making plans to order pizza to the Toohey household.


“It’s a cautionary tale for all of us,” says Toohey. “I’ll never make this mistake again.”