Mistress To Spend Another Christmas Alone

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Nearly two years into her affair with attorney Marc Grey, Anna Topaz of Mountainview, CA, will be spending yet another Christmas alone.


Topaz tells reporters that she was already expecting to spend one of the biggest holidays of the year alone in her studio apartment reheating Lipton’s Chicken broth soup. “Well, we’ve never spent a Christmas, Thanksgiving, New Year’s, birthday or anniversary together,” Topaz smiled. “Sometimes I feel like I deserve more, but honestly, who wants to be around a nag like Marc’s wife?”


Grey met Topaz at the hotel bar where she works as a cocktail waitress. “I was immediately smitten,” Topaz told reporters. “We were both just coming out of adulterous relationships, so we were concerned about this being a rebound. But through honest communication, we’ve made it this far.”



“We have a way of talking to each other where there is a complete transparency in our feelings for one another,” says Grey of the years-long affair. “It’s all been so effortless, I can see our affair continuing for years and years, as long as she doesn’t make it into a big thing.”


Topaz remains equally optimistic. “I might not always be spending Christmas alone. Marc’s wife and children might die someday.”