Uh Oh! This Woman Saw a Photo of the Outfit She Thought Looked Cool

In a devastating story out of Brooklyn, NY, 24-year-old Isa Nunez went to a friend’s birthday party in an outfit she thought pushed the boundaries of fashion in a fun way, only to later see a photo of that outfit. 


Whoops! It looks bad, babe!


“I woke up and knew it was the perfect occasion to wear the outfit I’ve been excited about for weeks,” she told reporters from inside her friend’s bathroom, where she had been hiding since the photo incident. “But mid-party, someone took a photo of me and it looks…batshit insane. Like, the proportions are all fucked up. That’s not how my outfit looks to everyone else, is it?”


Sources confirm that is exactly how the outfit looks to everyone else, as this is how a photo operates.


The outfit in question consists of a bright yellow tee Isa thrifted last week, a brown overshirt, a loose pair of black jeans she got from a vintage store, a statement belt, and brown leather loafers. She knew the outfit was bold, but she never could have imagined it looked like this. 




“I thought it would be ‘too much’ in a fun way, like in a maximalism sense?” she told reporters, practically begging for affirmation. “I noticed that no one was giving me compliments, which is odd considering how ‘big’ the outfit is, you know? But then I saw the photo and realized why: I look crazy! And not in the cool way!”


Sources confirm she is now trying to take a few articles of clothing off to make the outfit more normal but to no avail. The undershirt still fits weird, and the statement belt is sadly required to keep her jeans up. 



“Are you just going to stand there?” she lashed out at reporters. “Are you not going to do anything? I look like someone let Big Bird loose in a universally scorned consignment store!”


“Is the outfit bad? Yes,” Isa’s friend, Jean White, said when asked for comment. “But I wasn’t going to tell her that! It’s kind of fun at the right angle! Luckily, she saw the photo of it and ran to the bathroom, I assume to try to take a few articles of clothing off and make it more normal.”


Sources confirm the accuracy here is surprising.


At press time, Isa resigned herself to keeping the outfit as-is and really selling it: “Fashion is all about confidence,” she said. “And I have none right now, so let’s hope fashion is all about convincingly lying.”