Trans Ally? Your Cis Friend Is Jealous You Got to Change Your Name

In a selfless act of standing with the trans community, your cis friend Rebecca Sterling has noted how jealous she is that you got to change your name in order to align with your gender identity. 


“You’re so lucky,” she is reported to have told you. “I’ve never really liked the name Rebecca that much, and if I were trans I would pick a hot name like Miles.” 


Wow! Rebecca’s intentional positioning of trans identity as joyful and fortunate is truly subverting cisnormativity and changing the narrative for good. 


“I definitely consider myself an ally,” Rebecca says. “Like, sometimes I use the Instagram filter with the thick mustache, and I always think I look so hot in a way where I’m like, ‘Wait?’ But no, I am cis.” 


Pop off, LGBTQIAlly! 


You also weighed in on Rebecca’s activism. 



“She acts like being trans is really fun, and I mean, it is,” you say. “Of course, there’s also dysphoria, medical mistreatment, culture-wide transphobia, and simply living in fear from time to time, but still, I do consider myself lucky to be trans so I can’t really argue with her.” 


You’ve also suggested to Rebecca that she’s an adult and can change her name if she wants to, but she doesn’t see it that way.


“No, if I changed my name, it would just be weird,” she says. “You need a real reason. If I randomly changed my name to Lila or something everyone would be like, ‘What?’” 


Existing as a trans person also comes with its fair share of people being like, “What?”, but you have decided against continuing this conversation with your will-intended cis friend. 


“Anyway, picking your own name must be really fun, and getting to redefine your style and have a whole new sense of who you really are,” she says. “I’m jealous!”


Okay girlie, problematic but true!!