Goals! This Woman Replaced the Anxiety of Not Having Boundaries With the Guilt of Having Boundaries

In transformative news coming out of Boulder, CO, 26-year-old Yasmin Nazari just got over her anxiety around not having boundaries by immediately replacing it with the guilt of having boundaries.


“It’s been very freeing, yet also crushing,” said Yasmin. “On the one hand, it’s so nice to not constantly be worrying about feeling uncomfortable, but on the other, I’m still constantly worrying about making the other person uncomfortable just so I can feel comfortable.”


This change-up happened after Yasmin politely asked her roommate to knock before coming into her room, a simple request that Yasmin reports plagued her for months before she got the courage to ask in a voice two octaves above her regular pitch, with multiple “sorry”s inserted before and after.



“It was a really productive conversation, despite the fact that I ran out of the room after she said ‘Yes,’ but now I’m not constantly tense, wondering if she’s going to barge into my room at any minute. It’s great! But now I’m also constantly tense, wondering if my boundaries were too strict. Like, what if I’m the uptight one? What if I was just the selfish one putting my need for personal space over her need to tell me what she thought about the new Grey’s Anatomy episode?”


Reporters also caught up with Yasmin’s roommate, Katherine, who seemed unperturbed.


“Oh yeah, I guess she wants me to stop going into her room without knocking, which makes sense,” said Katherine. “I can just knock or like, tell her stuff when we’re in the living room.”


Yasmin, meanwhile, has continued to spend unneeded amounts of time thinking about it.


“She said it was fine, but what if she doesn’t mean it? Now I just feel bad that I even asked her in the first place. Maybe I should’ve just sucked it up and let her come in whenever. Does anyone else’s stomach hurt? Or is that just me?”


At press time, Yasmin was seen leaving her bedroom door open, as a compromise that both brought back her anxiety and did nothing to make her guilt feel better.