Me Time for Mom – How Great are Stains? Right!?

Me Time for Mom:

By Candice “Supermom” Jahnsen
Hello Internet! Candice here, and welcome to my blog! I’ve wanted to start this for a long time, but got sidetracked with being “Supermom” for so many years. All my kids are finally in school now! My youngest just started kindergarten, and I thought I might just have a sliver of precious “me” time. As if I even know who I am anymore, hahaha!
Oh gosh, I’m getting so off-topic. Let’s get back to the real subject of this post: Clothing stains have really gotten a bad rap over the years. When you think about it, stains can actually be pretty cool. It’s time we all get over our ignorant, negative attitudes toward a little bit of sauce I couldn’t get out of the t-shirt I bought you on sale at Marshalls. Stains are like personal artistic statements on your clothes! It’s cool to be an artist, right?
And if other kids or coworkers or bosses make fun of you for your stain, remember: only YOU can be yourself. You are a special, unique individual who seems to ruin brand-new khakis that no amount of seltzer water and OxyClean will ever get out. You probably wouldn’t know what it feels like to have a job as hopeless as mine! Hahaha!
I like to sport a stain now and then, and know that my kids and husband are hopping on the bandwagon as well. Grass stains, soup, grease, jelly, finger paints, Juicy Juice, coffee, lip gloss, probiotic yogurt, caked-on dried cereal: why be so straight-laced all the time? RELAX and enjoy your stain!
I’ve always been a trendsetter (I’ve been wearing leggings as pants since 2003) so you can be sure that this mom knows how to spot “cool” when she sees it. Please. Do it. Just go with me on this? Please? I need this. I can’t get these stains out of the clothes. And I can’t get us all new clothes every week for Christ’s sake. So it’s a trend, okay? I need you people out there reading me on the interwebs so make it happen, or I don’t think I’m going to make it through the next week. Seriously. Hahahahahaha!
Oh, and while we’re at it, can we agree that children’s art is a chic way to decorate one’s walls, including macaroni art? Please. Hahahahaha!
Candice out! :) xoxo