16 Toys Pedophiles Lured You With That Only ’80s Kids Will Remember!

Uh oh! Did you suppress all memories of these popular toys from the 1980s as a defense mechanism? Fear not! Here’s a list of those awesome toys you loved, and local creeps loved to lure you into their cars with.


  • 1. Slap Bracelets

  • A cool accessory that tests the boundaries of personal touching.

    CC-image 1 SlapBracelets

  • 2. Skip It

  • Did you skin your knee? There’s bandaids in my van!
    CC-image 2 Skipit

  • 3. Popples

  • Lets explore our pockets too!
    CC-Image 3 Popples

  • 4. Simon Says

  • Trains you to blindly obey!
    CC-image 4 Simon Says

  • 5. Monopoly

  • Wow that game took forever maybe you should just stay over.
    CC-image 5 Monopoly

  • 6. Teddy Ruxpin

  • Teddy Ruxpin says everything! But you should not say anything to anyone.
    CC-Image 6 Teddy Ruxbin

  • 7. Nintendo

  • I’ve got a totally sick Nintendo system in the alcove over my parents’ garage where I live.
    CC-image 7 Nintendo

  • 8. Mr Sketch Scented Markers

  • These smell great!! So does this rag!
    CC-image 8 MrSketch

  • 9. Calico Critters

  • I have critters hidden allll the way into the woods.
    CC-Image 9 CalicoCritters

  • 10. Stickers

  • I will still do anything to get an approval sticker.
    CC-image 10 Stickers

  • 11. Stretch Armstrong

  • Now let’s pull other stuff!
    CC-image 11 Stretch Armstrong

  • 12. Scoots

  • Scooting is awesome! Wait what street is this?
    CC-image 12 Scoots

  • 13. Snoopy Sno-Cone

  • It tastes like FUN! And it tastes funny.
    CC-Image 13 SnoopySnoCone

  • 14. Flower Makin’ Basket

  • Touch my penis.
    CC-image 14 FlowerMakinBasket

  • 15. My Pet Monster

  • Woah, remember these guys?
    CC-image 15 MyPetMonster

  • 16. Don’t Wake Daddy

  • I could fucking kill your whole family.
    CC-image 16 Don'tWakeDaddy


    Wow that was fun! Remember all those totally awesome toys and totally devastating attempted molestations? Nostalgia!