Three-Year-Olds Open Vegan Backpack Store in Gowanus

Vegan Backpack Store

Sasha and Goti saw a hole in the market and decided to fill it, opening the all-vegan backpack store, Goooooooom, in Gowanus, Brooklyn last month. Colorful backpacks, all of which are vegan, line the walls of the hot new toddler-owned boutique.

Why vegan backpacks? Sasha and Goti would not make eye contact when asked this question, but one assumes it’s the three-year-olds’ devotion to sustainable living and fighting climate change. The two were fully absorbed in their work, with Sasha gnawing on a Fjallraven Kanken backpack and Goti shouting “Play-doh! Play doh!” as he ran around their minimalist warehouse shop.

For Sasha and Goti, the beauty is in the details. A few carefully selected paintings, done by the owners, highlight the store’s extensive inventory. “It’s a princess and a dog,” explained Sasha before she burst into tears because she dropped her yogurt spoon.

Visitors to Goooooooom can expect an impressive selection of cruelty-free backpacks and impeccable customer service from the adorable Sasha and Goti when they are not napping, getting ready for a nap, or waking up from a nap. Due to the store’s growth and popularity, the owners recently hired their mothers, Brenda and Brehnda, to run the store during off-peak nap hours.

What’s next for this young dynamic-duo? “Hat,” shouted the ever-innovative Sasha.